Hi! I’m Nicole.

I am a former recipe developer and an amateur food stylist.  I worked, developing recipes, for a major retailer for 7 years, until I decided to move to the corporate world and move into a more business and operations orientated career. But I have never lost my love for food, and beautiful food, at that.

My husband and I live in Cape Town and we are obsessed with our city and what it has to offer. We have our favorite spots but LOVE trying out all the new ventures that pop up, left, right and centre.

Our kitchen is always quite a fun place to be. Whether its splitting a bottle of wine and cooking a hearty meal together, baking a cake till midnight for a co-worker’s birthday the next day or finding ingredients at our local market and exploring new recipes and methods of cooking.

So, I decided to dust off the camera and get the props out again and start telling my stories.